Buying Netherbrick and Red Wool

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  1. I've run out of my cache of nether brick and red wool. Buying them both at SMP2 res 3879

    Netherbrick paying 120r for 64
    Red Wool paying 75r for 64

    Let me know if you've got it in bulk!
  2. Please sell so we can keep building =D
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  3. Bump since its been some time and we still need items :(
  4. I got you! I will bring my nether brick supply! How much do you need?
  5. ALL OF IT!!! The hotel is at a standstill til we get more...

    btw you can shear red wool at 4002 and sell there too :)
  6. I sold two stacks of red wool anyhow.
  7. I'm pretty sure i have atleast 10 stacks of red wool, I'll get it to you asap.
  8. I can get alot of nether brick
  9. Also, if you need to leave Krysyy's farm alone to let grass grow, feel free to use 4006! ;)

    Try check 4005 every now and then - I will be restocking again soon.
  10. Moose you cant hide.
    *Smicklepops moose*
  11. Explain the process of that?:confused:
  12. Thought...I...Was....Safe...
  13. Red wool at /v 405 if you can pay 79r per stack.