[Buying] Nether Quartz

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  1. Hi all, I am currently embarking on a rather large building project and so because of this I am in the need of a LOT of nether quartz.

    And so I am reaching out to the wonderful people of the empire to help me with this my prices are:
    5r per quartz flake
    15r for the ore.

    If anyone likes this please send ma a pm with the amount and where i can pick it all up from and I will pay you when i have collected or make a sell sign with the prices on.


    (It occurred to me that the original thread was on the wrong area of the forum so here it is in its rightful place)
  2. Is this still going on? Or has this expired.
  3. At the moment I am ok but I will bump this post as I need more
  4. smp6 res 12993
  5. As I have just said I am not currently in need of the quartz.