[Buying] Nether Items and a few other stuffz - FC Inc.

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  1. I am buying following amount of Items:
    2x DC of Nether Brick - 6912 rupees each DC.
    1x DC of Sandstone - 9720 rupees each DC.
    1x SC of Glowstone - 32832 rupees each SC.
    1x SC of Quartz Flakes - 8000 rupees each SC.
    These Items Is NOT for reselling. They are for a building project with me and Eclipsys on SMP1
  2. ok i might be able to get quatrz flakes:) and maybe glowstone:p
  3. Let mé know If you Can :)
  4. I can get you a DC of Quartz Flakes pretty quickly, for 16001r.
  5. I need A single chest :)
  6. Sorry faith but I kept reading it and I HAD to correct it....
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  7. Oh, I have an SC right now if you want.