[BUYING] Need Lots of Diamonds

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  1. I am Buying diamonds 36r or less come to smp4 @ 9256 or pm me if your selling
  2. What do you need them for?
  3. 36r.. per diamond.... How many do you need double chest of them? (Guessing that due the low price)
  4. how many diamonds you need?
  5. how many diamonds do you have? and i need them for picks and weapons
  6. I will buy however many you have
  7. 36r is a bit to low. The lowest I would sell my diamonds is for about 42r.
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  8. too low of a price
  9. You have lots of Rupees ehh?

    I challenge you to outstock herb ( is that even possible?! )

    Go to SMP9 19000 Herb has over 9001 double chests of diamonds.
    ^ Not joking.
  10. 9001? really.....really -_-
  11. I have a double chest full of diamonds + 3 stacks of diamond blocks...not too bad really...
  12. ok fine ill buy them for 40r each
  13. I can sell you for that price, but I don't sell under a stack at a time. :)
  14. ok whats you res and smp?
  15. 11240. Smp5, contact me when you are on there. Ill set a chest once you contact me INGAME
  16. 9 dblchests for 1,25mil if interested.
  17. ahahaha lol
  18. ? :(
  19. That is pretty cheap, you know, so I was laughing :D
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  20. I have Diamonds for Sale at 18648 for 40r, have at it!