[Buying] Name Tags

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  1. Hey EMC, I am buying name tags on my res! I have been on a hunt for them for a while and can't find any to buy or get from the local dungeon. In my horse gear stall you can sell nametags for 275r. I need the nametags to restock my stall so please sell me all your nametags. It is also another way to make some rupees fast too. I have the money so please make me broke. :D Thanks ~Potato.

    Smp 9 res 16442.

  2. Hmmm... Worth it?- Or not...
  3. Most people sell them for 200-250r so buy those and sell them too me and make a profit. :)
  4. I just mean, you want to know a secret to renaming horses for free? - Just PM me if you do. Its a little trick :)
  5. I know I do. :)
    is it renaming them in an anvil... >.>
  6. its the anvil its easy -_-
  7. Ooh, DEAL!