(Buying) My Lovely Black Incitatus: The Story

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  1. Once upon a time I had a promo horse named Incitatus. He was pure black and his stats were amaaazing. Health was decent, jump was fairly high, and of course, his speed was the highest! He went everywhere with me... until one day. We were out in the wild, doing survival things, when all of the sudden it got dark. I tried to jump him onto a roof where he would be safe, but a skelly shot him and he died. :( He was the best horse ever!

    Please help me replace him (hehe) by finding or selling me a black incitatus with high stats. I will pay 20k! Yes, I miss him that much.
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  2. I will give you mine for free but it is not black sorry. Meet me on SMP2.
  3. Still looking for the black incitatus! I will even take one that is black with black dots, but that's it. :eek:
  4. I have a black Incitatus. However he is one of my better ones I use for breeding. He has jump 84.85, HP 22.00
    I will swap him for any colour Incitatus that has stats as good as mine. Gives you another option.
  5. Alright, let me take a look and see what I got. o_o
  6. Also, I can give you a non-promo horse with high HP for the wild.
  7. I don't have an incitatus with those stats, but I'll see if I can look around. :eek: I have quite a few high stat horses so I'm not worried about the wild, but thanks. xP
  8. I have an Incitatus (black white dots) with similar stats to astrayalien's. You could get it from me then swap with him :rolleyes:
  9. I think he wants exact stats though, Haro. o_o I'm still sorely tempted by your horse by the way. What are its stats again?
  10. jump 84.85, HP 22.00

    I need a replacement that matches or exceeds those stats because it is used for breeding.
  11. Okay, I'm going to make yet another thread looking for an incitatus, this one matching stats like yours. o_o
  12. Astrayalien, what about Speed: 130, Jump: 87 and Health: 19?
  13. yes. that is ok. one stat more, one down, I will do the swap.
  14. Okay, let me buy the horse and we'll swap whenever you have the time to do it. xP
  15. Horse is bought, I'm ready to swap whenever you have the time.
  16. Jacob just offered you a free Incitutis... I would've been grateful enough for dat :confused:
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  17. I will be on later. After work.