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  1. I am looking for music disks. Plez post a price and the name of the disk. I will message you if I don't have that one and if I'm interested in your price

    I have got:
    chrip (thanks to hayleycolgan smp2)
    mall (thanks to hayleycolgan smp2)
    strad (thanks to hayleycolgan smp2)
    stal (thanks to hayleycolgan smp2)
    far (thanks to hayleycolgan smp2)
    blocks (thanks to hayleycolgan smp2)
    13 (thanks to hayleycolgan smp2)

    what I have left to get:

    i have also make some stalls for the disks that i need. so if you want to sell the straight to me you can. everyone has move perms on my plot until i have them all thank you.
  2. Should have your title as [BUYING] Music Disks , WANTED shouldn't be the title.
    Welcome to Empire Minecraft though, I see you are new. Before posting your own thread, read all of the
    rules and the staff's posts. Never hurts to know what you're doing ;)
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  3. I'm not new just never posted before i joined just before smp2 was opened so been hear a long time
  4. Not anyone is new, it just says that because he never posted before.
  5. Well in this case, welcome to the forums, and may you have a magnificent time. Didn't read your join date, sorry... awkward :confused:
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  6. Sells Discs,Juke Boxes, And Note Blocks At 19000 Cheap In Front Of Shop There Is A Teleporter That Says Music Shop.
  7. Its ok I read the forums all of the time just I've been wanted a full collection for a long time and some prices of disks are quite high on smp2 and I cant be bothered in going to the other smps because it can be quit laggy for my computer
  8. then go on 1600
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  9. Ill Make You Some Discs On smp2 I Just Need My Ban To Be Appealed But Hopefully That Wont Be Long
  10. ok u will have to let me know because ill make a chest on my plot but it is closed so u will have msg me so i can sort pers out
  11. Is your keyboard broken or something..?

    I got the disc Stal but,I won´t be able to get on server for around 5 days.
  12. horrible spelling, a pain to read.
  13. Wooot?
  14. Sorry for the poor spelling I'm on my phone and i have a prob with spelling as im dyslexic. Sorry to all ill fix it as best i can when I get home
  15. il giv u 13, far, ward, and either chirp or cat (I forgot which one) at the /shop in utopia. 75r apice. plz contact me if you want them.
  16. ok will have a look on your plot but will i be able to get on there if im not a gold or diamond user?
  17. You should as everyone is free to visit utopia but only gold and diamond supporters may claim a residence.
  18. Yes thanks I know i tryed it out earlyer.
  19. Yes.