[Buying] Mumbo Jumbo's Sugarcane Farm

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  1. Hello, today I am requiring somebody's building/redstone services for me :) I would like to hire someone to build me 4 max height limit mumbo jumbo sugarcane farm's from the default dirt level of the residence. Each one will be in each corner of the residence (the bases are already built), and I would like the building block to be smooth sandstone! :) Here is the design, and how to make it: http://bit.ly/1p8DcNm Please post offers, 1/2 of a farm (there is 4 farms in total) is already built, which reduces work, and price. I will pay 700k for the job to get done. I need you to supply the materials. Materials needed: Pistons (not the sticky ones), redstone, ice (for the water) Smooth sandstone, glowstone (for lighting), glass, redstone torches, dirt, and sugarcane (I can supply the sugarcane) The residence is located on Smp 1, #2344 Thanks! -Bren

    P.S. -If there are anymore further queations in regard to this post, please post below and I will be sure to answer them as soon as I can! :) Thank you!
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  2. Hi Bren.

    Good luck with finding someone :)

    In future, can you please use the economy channel for advertising. /c e

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  3. 1 million rupees, and I'll build it for you, all resources supplied.

    I'll even make this design work in EMC free of charge.
    I'll even make it more efficient free of charge.

    Half the rupees will be paid now for the resources to build it, which will be placed in chests on your res. The second half will be paid on completion of working build.

    I may bring in people to help, and they'd need flags on your res for the duration of the job.
  4. Short answer: No thanks.

    Long answer:
    lol I've built this before, same as your request here. It takes me long enough that 150k won't nearly cover my time spent. (The major cost IS time, not resources).

    I am actually very busy on multiple projects atm, so I'm setting a large cost as you have no other offers. Should you receive another legitimate offer competing on price, I am open to negotiation. (But mostly, I just dare someone else to give this a shot lols)
  5. I'm actually thinking this through and I have to say NZScruffy is right. 4 Max height limit redstone operated sugar cane farms would really take a lot of our time. Since the height of the residence is already 64, it's like 3x higher. I could probably think it through if you're only requesting a 64 block high sugar cane farm.

    If I were to price this and assuming that we have no deadline in building that, I would estimate at around 200-300k per sugar cane farm and since you're requesting 4, that would certainly reach 1m Rupees. Also, The builder should be allowed to bring assistant builders.

    Also, are you the one who will be supplying the blocks or are we going to use the payment you give us to build it?
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  6. I would take 2 of these farms, max build height side by side in middle of residence, and i will pay 400k for them to be built :) I am not supplying the supplies for this project, i am paying you to build it with your supplies, and for you to make a profit :)
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  7. If you are keen on getting 4.
    May I suggest you start with 2 for 400k in two corners of the res. and later on build 2 more?
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  8. I see how you'll be supplying my villagers >: D
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  9. And for your help scruffy and qwerty, you will get all the cane anyone can desire! >:)
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  10. I already have more than all the sugarcane i desire (see smp6 12060) or my own res 10034 for that matter :)

    I'm giving this a little more time, then will talk to you about building these soon. Still waiting to see if anyone has another offer. :) Pretty sure everyone is too smart to kill themselves with bordom building this. (dare)
  11. *squeals happily like a young child*
  12. Bump! Still waiting for offers guys! :)
  13. Note* I am still looking for this job to get done, the person I had hired got too busy for the job, thanks! :) (I am paying 700k for the job to get done with you supplying materials)
  14. Sorry thread closed, I just hired someone, thanks!