[BUYING] Mossy Cobble And Mossy Brick

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  1. Hi there. I am buying largish amounts of both of the items for my project on SMP8. I will pay 2 rupees per piece of mossy cobble (found in dungeons) and 5 r per two pieces of mossy bricks. If you have cracked or chiselled brick, I may buy some of those, but you have to offer me the price. I may not be buying these for long, so sell them while you can!
  2. Notice: you can craft these in 1.8 which should be here within this week.
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  3. toto, I mailed you some, no charge obviously. Sorry the strongholds were such a misadventure :(
  4. Thanks! But what we learned there was well worth it: I die easily. :rolleyes:
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  5. Are you still wanting mossy cobble? I have roughly 8 stacks that I do not sell in my shop anymore. I would happy to sell them to you?
  6. Not as much, but how much are you offering them for?
  7. cheap. I just want rid of them. I use to sell them when they were hard to obtain... but that ship has sailed. Throw a price at me and see if it sticks.