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  1. Hello fellow Empire Minecrafters! i am currently buying these items for these prices:
    Sulphur: 8r each
    tnt: 40r each

    and i also need 5 leather tunics and 10 leather pants for these prices:
    Tunic: 30r each
    Pants: 25r each
  2. So we have any sellers? please comment if so
  3. I think you'll be lucky to find sulphur/TNT.

    I can sell leather to you though; do you still want stacks of it, for 300 (I think you said?)

    I've got maybe 15 stacks or so.
  4. oh cool, umm, i need 2 stacks please, so 600r
  5. OK, I just set up a temporary chest, to the right at entrance to my shop, to sell stacks of leather for 300.

    SMP9 19000

    Hope that helps. Cheers.
  6. nice, thx heaps ill come buy it soon.
  7. Yep, thanks for buying them.

    I have plenty more - because I like cooked beef, so I slaughtered about 500 cows. So if you ever need more leather, give me a shout, over at 19000.

    Thanks again,
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