Buying mooshrooms

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  1. I will pay the max of 640 per stack.
    I will only buy if you sell in stacks
    I will need 9 stacks :D
    Comment below if you have any questions or want to sell them to me
    This is how I want it
    Selling (how many stacks)
    And how you want me to pay you
  2. If you would like to make this into an order, i can start on it asap. Then when I have the 9 stacks, i can pm you.
  3. Sure how long will it take you?
  4. Most likely 1-2 days. I gotta work IRL too :D plus you can only breed a pair every 5 minutes xD
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  5. K il pick up on Friday?
  6. Il pay then Make an access il pick up tell me what res pick up is gonna be
  7. Sounds good, but friday would be 5 days from now, as today is sunday :D I should have them done and egged for you by then hopefully. I will pm you and post back on here when I reach halfway, and again when I have all 9 stacks. Then we can see about pickup and such.