[BUYING] Momentus & Marlix Screenshots

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  1. I am currently working on Empire Minecraft backgrounds and I need decent screenshots of Marlix and Momentus for a few of them.

    Any you have that do not have rain in them, and are semi-close up would be great.

    Paying 2,500 R per use able screenshot.
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  2. I'll search my screenshots later, but I did take one semi-good screenshot of some Marlixes at Mob Arena. I don't know how usable these are, though. No payment necessary. :)

    Default Image

  3. Will you still take them if they have players in the image?
  4. Depends.

  5. I have no idea if these are usable, if not I can try to get some more tonight.

    Here are some pics for you. Hope these helped a bit.
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  7. This is probably the only one I have that may be useful.

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  8. I will post mine tomorrow ^^
  9. Why not just make em yourself
  10. (redacted by staff)
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  11. I could say the same to you, kid.
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  13. (redacted by staff)
  14. (redacted by staff)
  15. Could you not go on every single erektus thread and act rude? It's really annoying to see you constantly being rude to other players for simply giving you feedback and potentially pointing out the flaws of your suggestions. They're just opinions. So please, respect that.

    To stay on topic: I'll post mine tomorrow.
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  16. Although this thread is a bit old and was only bumped for flaming purposes, I got a few clear shots of Momentus you may be able to use, if you still need them.

    Hopefully the lighting isn't too dark.
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