[Buying] Mob Pwner armor and weapon set.

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  1. I would like to buy stuff to kill mobs. Armor, tools, potions. Sadly, all good shops on smp5 closed their doors or aren't selling iron/ diamonds.
  2. Armour, tools, potions all at /v 4005 on the white floor. If some are out, buy diamonds from the cyan floor. :)
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  3. It's on smp2
  4. Thank you. Im waiting for more shops
  5. 2515 we sell enchanted armour. Smp1
  6. @AlexChance Nice prices. but your out of stock on leggings and helms
  7. what about me?
  8. Preety fair prices for enchantments...
  9. Buy diamonds, use crafting tables :)
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  10. bought 2000r worth of diamonds -_-....