[BUYING] Mob Grinder

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  1. I am buying a mob grinder so I can get a few more chests of resources for my new mall. I need it to at least spawn regularly and at a moderate rate.
    Must Include:
    Creepers(Optional but recommended
    Slime(Optional but recommended)
    I will be willing to pay BIG BUCKS. It would be best if it was far from spawn (5k blocks). I would like it to be in smp3, but I know not everyone plays on smp3 so any servers okay :)
    Please either PM me or post a reply if you are interested :)
  2. I'm building something like that. it has all options u require + few others ^^. But its our community farm, and test build so i can't build one for You yet.
    Will talk to you when I gather enough data and proved design.
  3. Alrighty :D Just PM me