[BUYING] Mob grinder Near Frontier spawn on Smp8 north

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  1. I am looking for someone to build me a mob grinder at Frontier North SMP8 ONLY. I have 25k Currently and I am Wanting to spend around 3k. IT MUST work and it doesent have to have spawners but id like a big one without one. If you agree Send Me A Mail Containing Written books and we will meet each other at north
  2. Ive been looking so please reply if you will
  3. The problem is , as many people who have seen this is.....

    Something like this would cost in the tens of thousands of rupees in materials alone. Even a small one will be alot more.
  4. Dark room grinder...? You can make it with dirt :s

    Unless it has changed ever since 1.2.5xD
    I can do Zombie/Skeleton grinders if you got spawner.