[BUYING] Mob Farm

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  1. I need someone to make me a good darkroom spawner/grinder. I want it to be as effcient as possible. I will pay for materials and I can pay pretty much whatever depending on how good it is. I want to be able to auto kill mobs for drops and make a thing where i can manually kill them and kill them with a piston maybe. I DO NOT want spider spawns, so consider that when making this if you end up doing it.

    Like I said I will pay whatever is necessary, contact me on the website or on the servers with any questions or if you would like the job.

    P.S. I want it on smp8 Wild
  2. Very vague. More info needed to guage what it is that you want done.
    Drops per hour? Type of kill system? Type of spawn system?
  3. I said all of those except drops per hour...
  4. If you don't want spiders, there is only one way to do it. With pistons.

    I would love to see a working EMC darkroom that doesn't use pistons and doesn't spawn spiders. :) Because I can't think of how to do it reliably. Anyone have one?

    So the system I'm almost done testing will spawn everything except enderman. With 3 different kill methods (auto-kill, part-damage, or no damage). Depending on whether you want to grind exp/loot, heads, or just want drops without exp.

    It's actually fairly simple to build. most costly resource is the packed ice for spawning pads.
  5. design without pistons:
    3x3 solid blocks with a slab in the middle so spiders cant spawn, mobs walk off themselves, very inefficient. pistons are the way to go for efficiency
  6. Yea. especially with EMC's low spawn rate and mob caps.

    Also, you CAN use same design and water to push them off, but water 'glitches' and forms random still water inside that you'd have to fix manually. But I'd like to see if anyone has got it to work 100%.
  7. I saw a pretty good design using packed ice and dispensers if youre interested, ive never seen it break but only tested it 2-3 times on emc
  8. Does it spawn spiders? If not, i'd like to see the EMC built one in action?