[Buying] Mob Arena Ench. Books

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  1. You know the drill for all of those mob arena hopefuls, you put all of that effort into mob arena and lose it all. I am a common victim of this disease, therefore I am posting this thread to announce that whether I am in need of them or not, I am wanting to but each of the following:
    -God apples.
    -Strength, Swift Potions.
    -Protect 4 and Protect 2 Books.
    -Unbreaking 3 and Unbreak 1 Books.
    -Diamond Armor.
    -XP Bottles.

    Please respond if you have any to sell, keep in mind that I know that this is an expensive market so I will not buy everything I could possibly need at once, but I do want a healthy, gradual supply of the items listed above.
  2. I can get you as much diamond armor you need, at 60r a diamond. Also potions and Unbreaking 1 books, price negotiable :)
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  3. As of right now unbreak 1 books are probably what I need most since they are hard to come by but are great for back up armor, what would you say on those?
  4. Erm I can get anything on that list for you, what is a top priority for you?
  5. How about 450r each?
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  6. Enchant shop @ /v canucks123 SMP1 :) We also sell unenchanted diamond gear.
  7. 450 r per book sounds good bemvino, I won't be able to pay till Saturday though.
  8. I sell tons of god apples at 10017
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  9. Ok guys sorry I've been off for like forever, I am going to check your places out now. Bemvino does 450r per unbreak 1 book sound cool?