[Buying] Misc. Promos and Rares

Discussion in 'Buying' started by SliceOfRhyBread, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Looking to possibly buy:
    • DNC Iday helmet
    • DNC Iday chest
    • Iday leggings
    • Iday boots
    • Iron supporter gift
    • 2013 Labor Benches
    • Netherhound eggs
    • Basically any rare
    PM me if you have any of these, will be looking for offers
  2. Does Rares count as vouchers.. Vaults and Stables?
  3. I'm looking for rarer rares, sorry. :l
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  4. How much are you buying the Iron Supporter Vouchers for? Cause, I got one that I'd be willing to sell. :)
  5. He's looking for the supporter gift, which is the older version of the voucher.
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  6. I have one 2013 labor bench
  7. How many do you have?
  8. ive got juan that i can find right now
  9. Offer?
  10. And also not to be confused with the "Iron Gift" that is part of the supporter voucher package. ;)
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  11. how much you willing to pay for a netherhound egg?(only have 1)
  12. 75k?
  13. I have many promo in chest at my 1st res tell if interest in any thank
  14. I have a chest on smp5 /v 11037

    But mainly i think youd be interested in :
    - 1 Undamaged Chicken Skewer
    - 2 Enraged Guardians
    ( - 1 Damaged Sharpshooter )