Buying: Misc Items

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  1. Hello Empire Citizens!
    I am looking for large quantities of the following items, double chests if possible
    Netherbrick blocks
    Netherquartz ore
    All 6 types of saplings
    DIAMOND ORE- I would like 2 stacks of 64 diamond ore
    If you are interested in selling any of the above items, please send me a pm. Thanks:)
  2. Bump, time to freshen it up a bit:)
  3. How much per DC?
  4. Of what item specifically?
  5. Well just each item, I guess. Particularly netherrack soulsand and quartz ore
  6. I have sale chests set up at 6500 on smp3 for the nether items except the quartz, and I will have the rest up this week. Until then, I guess just tell me what you would like to sell, and your asking price. Thanks:)
  7. Update: my shop at 6500 has buy sell chests complete on the Redstone floor, and I need help stocking! I pay well for all Redstone items! Please stop in and take a look, and if you have extra Redstone items, sell them here