[Buying] Maxarias Head

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  1. Title says it, Aikar head needs the other half :D
  2. Maxarias Heads are not actually in circulation. There was a promo called the Maxarian Head which can be worn and shows Maxarias' skin, but if you are looking for one to place, there is no such thing, as the Maxarian Head does not have the capability to be placed.
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  3. The only Maxarias head available are the Maxarian heads, which can't be placed.
  4. O forgot about that lol the fire head :p Okay thanks guys
  5. Ill still buy one for an item frame to put next to the Aikar :D
  6. I'll sell you one for 13k.
  7. Okay :D I'm in server 2
  8. Sorry but I can't get on right now, if you send me the money I will mail it to you as soon as I get on.
  9. Mailed it.
  10. I got it Thanks :D