[Buying] Max Res Voucher

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  1. Bump! Looking to pay atleast 1.5 Million!
  2. Bump! Now paying 2 mil
  3. Bump! In really need this! If you have one or someone with one please pm me!
  4. Bump! Really need this!
  5. what is a max res voucher
  6. It gives you an extra res with a max of 6 total. You can't get them anymore so they are very expensive.
  7. what about a gold supporter voucher you get a extra one with that
  8. A diamond voucher can provide a player with what is called 4 "temp" reses. However these vouchers adds a "permanent" residence to your total.

    Diamond Voucher = 4/1 (4 temps with 1 permanent)
    Max res voucher with diamond voucher = 4/2 (4 temps with 2 permanent)

    You can get a max of 4 temps (Achievable with a diamond voucher) and 2 EXTRA permanents (achievable with 2 max res vouchers). :)
  9. Bump! Need one quite badly!
  10. What do you mean by "temp"?
  11. Meaning that once the voucher expires if you unclaim it you will not be able to claim it again unless you get another voucher.
  12. Bump! Paying atleast 2 mil!!!!!