[Buying] Max Res Upgrade Voucher

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  1. ....if they still exist

    No idea how much they are worth so on the unlikely chance of you having one, name your price!
  2. I have a couple for sale, I could do 1. 5mil per.
  3. Try MoeMacZap on SMP9 she has one, give her a PM of the forums about it
  4. Shoot me an offer, I would take anything above 1.2mil really.
  5. Phew! wasn't them expecting that much! I thought they would be 100-200K or something
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  6. Heh...nope.
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  7. I guess buying a gold/diamond voucher is a more viable option then?
  8. If you just want 2 or 4 residences, and not 5, a gold/diamond voucher would be quite the perfect option for you. Gold goes around 225,000r and diamond at 350,000r =)
  9. I sell supporter vouchers! Iron Voucher=100k, Gold voucher=230k, And Diamond voucher=360k!
  10. Right, when I come back from my holiday in a week, I'll buy a gold voucher off you. Could you reserve one?
  11. Sure! no problem :)
  12. Urgh, nevermind. Someone claimed the land I was after and abandoned it as a pile of signs...as usual -_-
  13. They used to be MUCH cheaper, but now they aren't.

    It still makes absolutely no sense to me how a max res upgrade can go for 1+ million, but a supporter voucher with multiple res's and other perks are less than half that.

    Just my $0.02
  14. The reason Max Residence Vouchers cost so much is because they are not obtainable. You cannot get them in-game or for real money anymore either and therefore they are becoming rare and more of a collector's item. There aren't a lot around so the price went up dramatically.

    As for supporter vouchers, you can buy those with real money AND in-game money, so they are much more obtainable and there are a lot of them, hence making them worth a bit less anyway.
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  15. They can't be bought anymore and when they were for sale they were for about 50$
  16. He