[Buying Materials] List Inside

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  1. Material: Fences
    Quantity: 3488

    Material: Birch Leaves
    Quantity: 2783

    Material: Sandstone
    Quantity: 8027

    Material: Smooth Sandstone
    Quantity: 39401

    Material: Sandstone Stair
    Quantity: 4902

    Material: Nether Brick Slab
    Quantity: 2487

    Material: Sandstone Slab
    Quantity: 4025

    All prices will be negotiated between you and me in a private conversation either in game or in a conversation started by you on the forum.
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  2. I can supply the fences.
  3. Check SMP9 18882 mall, don't have birch leaves (wich is no problem to get), but rest is in pretty DC/SC quanities.
    I usually supply when chest is empty (1-3 days).
  4. I can take care of the sandstone and also the sandstone slabs or stairs - let me know in a PM.
  5. I can get the leaves.
  6. Please PM me the price and the place to pick-up :)