[Buying] Materials for a build...

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  1. Does anyone have any of these: (quantity required beside item)

    Chiseled Quartz block x32
    Chiseled Stone Brick block x380
    Mossy Cobblestone wall x48
  2. well the chiseled stone is difficult
  3. Ya I bought some from someone before but they no longer sell them.
  4. I know who sells chiseled stone bricks but i am not gonna see because i want them all for myself >:]
    P.S mossy cobble walls are obtainable
  5. I'll keep that in mind when I make a thread NOT looking for items :p

    EDIT: Oddly enough I found a stack of mossy cobblestone wall in my vault lol Prob bought them for 50k from /shop when I was new. Removed those from the list.

    I need more things and I will add them when I get home.
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