Buying Materials Direct From Wasteland

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  1. Do you enjoy mining but hate constantly making trips back to town? Want to spend more time in the beautiful Minecraft outdoors and less among people and smoggy skycrapers? Tired of having to find a place to sell each individual item, or waiting for customers to come to your shop? Frustrated with some items selling and others not, losing money due to pricing too low, and time due to pricing too high? Do you hate dumping your cobble or netherrack or miscellaneous drops when you know it would be worth money? Wish you could have the freedom to mine further out where there are more ores and fresh undisturbed materials? Want to make a fortune faster, and become one of EMC's millionaires?

    Stop doing things the slow and painful way and upgrade your mining process! My service is completely free - in fact it pays you fairly decent prices on things you mine! You will never have to return to town again! All you do is mine, stash, submit, and repeat!

    Here's the website:

    Here's the math of how you can make more money:

    Suppose you are Jim. He mines for about 10 minutes and he acquires:
    - 10 stacks + 15 cobble
    - 14 diamonds
    - 3 stacks + 13 redstone
    - etc...

    Now, Jim has run out of inventory space. So what does he do? Being old fashioned, he mines his way to the surface and fumbles around finding his way back to town. It takes him, say, 10 minutes. (He was lucky and didn't get lost or killed on the way.)

    Now that he's back in town, he goes around to various shops. First, to sell his cobble. The first is sold out. (+2 min) Okay, let's try the second. It has space. (+ 2 min) But it wont take those 15 cobble. So he heads home to dump them (+ 1 min). Now, onto the diamonds. Easy to sell. (+ 1 min). Redstone, luckily he can sell at this same shop. (+ 1 min). But he has 5 left over because it buys in stacks of 5, so drop them at home. (+ 1 min). Repeat for all the other items.

    Alright, so say it only takes him 15 minutes (although you can see how it could easily be longer), and he's smart enough to have a bed in the wild, stash his stuff in an ender chest, and kill himself (anything that involves suicide should clue you in that it's a bad idea), taking another 3 minutes. He didn't forget anything (which honestly, how many times have you forgotten tools?)

    Alright, you see the point? How many more loads of material could Jim have mined in all that time? The trip back, another load. Trying to sell it, a load and a half. Getting back, almost complete the third load. So somewhere in the neighbourhoud of 2-3 more loads of mined material! If each would have got him 2k, that's 4-6k!

    So really, if he didn't have to head back to town, he would be 4-6k richer. Instead, he only made 2k. If he has a goal of becoming a millionaire or even just getting upgraded tools for mining faster, it would take him 2-3 times longer!

    So that's where my service comes in and how it really helps you make huge amounts of rupees!

    Don't you have to go to town anyways? How is time saved?
    The bulk of the time is the actual sale process, which is done in parallel for all mining. Another time saving comes from efficient route planning, using a horse, using ender chests in concert with inventory, items in multiple chests that stack together, and not needing to carry tools. I can probably carry 4 loads in one trip, and do it twice as fast, as you could without any of these.

    When do I get paid?
    You get paid as soon as your chest is verified. This means, I get to the coordinates, and verify the contents are inside. That usually happens within 24-48 hours.

    Do you travel to the wilderness?
    Nope. Just the wasteland. The wilderness is far too big to operate efficiently. However, if you do have a huge supply of items you want to sell, we can discuss. 2 DC or more.

    What SMPs do you support?
    All SMPs are supported. I have free vault so I can move items between them at no cost. You can even leave yourself mining on a SMP you aren't on very often if you wish.

    Do you support the nether?
    Yes. All you have to do is travel through a portal and leave the chest in the overworld. But I do definitely buy materials from the nether including netherrack, quartz, nether brick, and glowstone.

    How far out do you go? Is there any maximum?
    No maximum. The wasteland is pretty small so it's easy to get around. The most I would have to travel to get anywhere is ~4,300 blocks (in the furthest corner).

    What materials do you buy and for how much?
    Almost everything. Ores, ingots, blocks, mob drops, really everything... For exact price, head to the report page. You can type in any item you are curious about, and how much you would sell of it. Typical loads get 1-3k. If there's any items I'm missing then please mention them to be added. Remember that you will be able to earn money 2-3 times more often.

    Do I have to register or sign up anywhere?
    No. Just submit a report. Be sure to spell your username correctly and make sure the coordinates and SMP are correct.

    Wont someone steal my chest if I leave it?
    All chests should be hidden, and hidden well. I recommend to use a natural block like dirt, gravel, or stone. I also recommend mining far from spawn. The waste is 10,000 x 10,000 blocks and on average 64 blocks high. This means there are 6.4 billion blocks! Only 6 blocks are adjacent to your chest. Thus, the chances of someone randomly breaking the block where your chest resides are 1 in over 1 billion! Even if they were to end up uncovering the chest within the 24-48 hour window before I arrived, and happen to be a dishonest person, chances are they wouldn't take anything because it would be noticed. The live map and player activity is monitored, and any thieves would be banned for life from EMC.

    What happens to my items?
    Once your chest is verified and I pay you, your items are brought back to town and distributed throughout the empire to various malls and shops, or converted into finished products that also go to those malls and shops. I have a fairly complete database of each shop and how much they pay for each item, which is updated regularly. My process is very efficient, so I can ensure you receive decent value for your mined materials.