[ BUYING ] Massive amounts of repeaters!

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  1. Title says it all! I would like to buy at least 18 stacks of the stuff, post down below in the comments or PM me.
  2. I have everything required to make that many. they'd be priced at 12r each.
    18 stacks = 13,824r

    Let me know if you want them.
  3. Could you possibly make it into the repeaters? I'll pay extra .-.
  4. That is the price already made into repeaters.

    What I mean to say is. I can sell you 18 stacks of repeaters for 13.8k

    If you want more, just let me know.
  5. That's fine for now, where shall this transaction of rupees and repeaters be made?
  6. I can deliver them, or you can pick them up from res 10022. (I'll be online to have them ready in 8 hours or so).
  7. I can do it either way. Whatever is easier for you.
  8. I'll deliver. where's the chest?
  9. I apologize but I've found it a cheaper price for the repeaters. If you can deliver right now I can buy them but if it can't then I'm going to have to buy from the other seller.
  10. No, cannot deliver now. go with the other seller.
  11. When he runs out, I'll come to you.

    Sorry bout that.