buying mass amounts of iron

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  1. hello everyone my name is nick and i would like to purchase huge quantities of iron i mean hundreds i will pay 5r per iron because i'm buying in such huge bulk if you can get reply tht would be nice
  2. I have 30 iron Blocks.
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  3. I can sell you 64 Iron blocks.
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  4. How about 70r per block so that's 2.1k for 30 iron blocks. Deal?
  5. let me do some math quick
    p.s. i hate simple math lol
  6. Have fun lol
  7. pig thats more then normal price lol
  8. =P I did my math wrong it would be 1.35k.
  9. im tired so let me get back to u tomorrow k?
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  10. I was gonna ask the same thing xD
  11. I have 27 stacks that would be 864 if you want it :)
  12. 8640*
  13. ok so 5rx64=320
    So 2,880r for 64 Iron blocks.
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  14. yes term and sry josh i now have enough i wil be biying term and pigs tomorrow
  15. Its cool.
    I sell them at a pretty steady pace anyways...and always find 6+ stacks when I I will always have plenty if you or anyone else may need it :)
  16. lol thanks anyway
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  18. lol i was wondering why i got like 10 alerts
  19. pig ill buy urs tomorrow k?
    and how u close a thread