(Buying) Many things! Come take a look

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  1. Hey guys! I decided to buy some stuff! Here is the list

    Full set of voters armor. (Pm me for more details)

    Any voters tools or weapons

    A marlix bow

    Wither skulls

    Pm me if you have any of these things! We can discuss price in the PM
  2. First off i can vote for you if you want secondly i dont have anything else lol
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  3. Please do! L3A8 is also voting for me. Not sure if it is working! My voting status or something is messed up. I don't get bonuses. Maybe with two people voting it will work!
  4. The first few times you need to vote on several sites, every day to go up, and then just vote every day, if you are at say 50 and stop for a few days that messes it up, happend to me. I am voting for 7 account now every day :D. Once you get it going you only have to vote once a day for it to go up, I vote every day at lunch.

  5. That is what happend to me! I think I may also do that. I need to vote for my alt also. Lol
  6. I have all of these things ;)