[BUYING] Many Items, Fair Prices (Items change often)

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  1. Check my res out 18769 on smp9 if you need quick rupees!
    I purchase an assortment of my in demand items at fair prices, including:

    Cobble 20r/stack
    Glowstone 176r/16
    Netherbrick 64r/64
    Netherrack 20r/64
    Sand 16r/16
    Stone 44r/64
    Stone Brick 44r/64
    Logs 20r/16

    and much more!
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  2. im a coming!
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  3. Awweesomeee
  4. wolves let me know if you need stuff in bulk in a pm, i have a lot of free time and mostly derp around, so if I could make money getting you stuff or help you out let me know.
  5. You still need anything?
  6. Those r good prices.... i just might come :)