[Buying] many items at /v 2626 on SMP1. I have over 10K to spend :)

Discussion in 'Buying' started by AbstractToast9, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Just as the title says, in preparation for my shop's grand opening on December 25, I need some help stocking it up.

    Come and sell all you'd like, theres no limit. Please don't buy anything, since it's not open yet.

    Thanks all!

    It's on SMP1, /v 2626. Preview for chests is on
  2. turn off buy flag :D
  3. i have 1 problem with this ..... u are lowballing people be do not make much r form selling u that stuff i can go to /v +bulk and make a sweet 50k form wood or cobble or stone
  4. I think my prices are fair, I try to keep them as low as possible and therefore the buy prices also have to be low.

    I'm not going to take a loss on product. Most of my prices are on par with other shops and azoundrias site
  5. that is not relay a accurate tool (no offense) basing it off that alone is not smart because most of the shops haven't been updated in months and most are either out or non existent as i said i can easily make 50k at other shops so y should i sell to yours ? in my opinion u will have a issue with stocking your shop unless u have like 3+dc extra at all times cause i do not think most will sell stuff