[BUYING] Many Different Promos

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  1. Hey EMC! I am now buying promos from the list down below. There are a few requirements for me to buy them.


    Promos I am Buying:

    Marlix Chest x1 37k
    Marlix Helm x1 37k
    Momentus Toothpickx1 34k
    Bullet Proof Vestx1 53k
    Saltarx1 30k
    Dragon Poop x1 31k
    Super Dragon Poop x1 35k
    Dirt Destroying Tick Tock x2 29k each
    Turfinator x1 43k
    ICC Egg Nog x1 200k (Price may change)
    Promo Instructions x1 ?k (Offer Price)
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  2. Continued List!

    FULL (Armor and tools) Set of new Tutorial Gear x1 3k
    EMC Treasure Voucher x1 18k
    Krysyyjane9191 Head x1 45k
  3. I will sell you these, already mailed them just please pay :)
    Momentus Toothpick x1 34k
    Saltar x1 30k
    Dragon Poop x1 31k
    Super Dragon Poop x1 35k
  4. okay thanks sam
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  5. Just updated the list of stuff I'll buy :)
  6. BUMP Come on people! Price is negotiable.
  8. Your prices are all low. Well mostly all. Dirt Destroying tick tock is around 300k :p
  9. LOL Not even. I bought one for 30k and seen them go for around 30k. And if you read on of my other posts I said "Price is negotiable."
  10. Seriously?! :D
  11. Yes Seriously.
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  12. Missed a few bumps :p
  13. I can get you the Tutorial stuff pretty easily, Just set up an access chest on your res and I can drop them off today or tomorrow.
  14. I'll set up a chest for you at 12457 on smp6.
  15. Alright. :D
  16. Yuppers, figuring dirt destroying tick tocks can be purchased for 60k each...
    Most of the time they sell for around 45k, if you find any for 30k that's a good deal!