[Buying] many dcs of smooth stone

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  1. looking to buy 10 dcs of smooth stone for now maybe more later just let me know what your price is and how many dcs you are willing to sell. thanks
  2. I have 2 I think I'm willing to sell 4k for both? :)
  3. awesome! sure thing and thanks alot 8 dcs remaining to be filled! btw im on smp3 right now once u get on emc i can talk the rest :)
  4. i set up a shop for selling stone on 6003 smp3 in case anyone else would like to sell to me. i will set up a few more soon as well
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  5. If you pay ill set up the chests on 19237 or deliver to any Smp free of charge :)
  6. sure thing and thanks to those that have also sold to me or will it really helps. 6 dcs remaining feel free to pm me or contact me in game
  7. I can get you whatever you need at 3.5k/DC.
  8. i will have to kindly decline your offer. that is a bit steep per dc when there are quite a few bulk supply companies that do it for around 2-2.5k per dc. and i may have already found someone to supply the remaining 6 dcs but i will let you know if things dont go accordingly. thanks though
  9. No problem... I can offload these to a large number of malls for about 3.5k each anyways. :p