[Buying] Make me a new Waffle Skin!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Tehwafflez, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Hey guys! As you all probably know my skin is a waffle. But not just a waffle. A King waffle. Now I love my skin and all but I have really wanted eyes for a long time but never found a good place for them :p

    So to whoever can use my current skin and Trick it out a little (put some eyes on, make the robes a little fancier or something) I will pay 2k. Don't go too crazy because on my smp1 2027 res I have 4 giant statues of my current skin I will have to change D:

    Good luck and thanks to whoever makes my new skin.

    Oh almost forgot I will upload a file of my skin at 7pm CST (8pm EST if you guys need it) ((I can't get on my computer until then :\ ))
  2. Is anyone up to the challenge? If it is any concern I can raise your pay just name a reasonable price :)
  3. I am a tomato not a waffle so I can't make a skin for you.
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  4. Sorry for the offtopicness, but how do I get ninjawritings in my signature? i have it and downloaded it, but how can I get it my sigmature... I have tried to copy the html address, but it won't show the image!!
  5. you sir are now not my favorite food person in the Empire.. Rob is ;)
  6. Instead of downloading there are 2 codes: 1 html (you don't want this) and 2: a phpBB code this is what EMC uses. Copy what is there and put it in your signature and it wll work :)
  7. I appreciate it greatly :)
  8. Yay;) thanks:)