[BUYING] Lots of Wheat!

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  1. Hello everyone I am looking to buy a lot of wheat at a semi-cheap price. (1r for 2 wheat if possible).

    If it meets that criteria I will buy just about any amount so if you have any wheat collecting dust in your chests I will gladly buy it :D.

    Also, if I made any mistakes in this post please tell me nicely because this is my first post on Products, Businesses and Services. Thanks and gimme that wheat :p
  2. you want dusty wheat that's been sitting in a chest? weird
  3. Could you please quantify "a lot". And do you plan on picking up or do you want delivery and if so what server.
  4. I can pick up it's fine. I'll buy it if it's 4 stacks or more and at 2 wheat for 1r.
  5. I have a semi-auto wheat farm and I have like 18+ stacks of wheat sitting in a chest. If you would like, I can sell you all of it and any more after that I can sell to you too.
  6. sure can you be like my wheat supplier?
  7. heck yea I will do the harvesting if you help me replant
  8. well i have a DC....
  9. ...lol I could with about two harvests.
  10. flaming i'll buy that for 1728r (2 wheat for 1r). and sry no ark I can't plant but i'll buy whatever wheat you can come up with
  11. Would you want to buy a SC for 1k?
  12. ok fine
  13. Sorry man thats a little cheap...
  14. I can sell you 3 DCs. 5,100r sound good?
  15. Yeah I'll take a SC for 1k. and yeah flaming it's supposed to be a bit cheap because i'm buying in bulk. if you don't want to sell at my price that's fine. and yeah shavingfoam i'd do that.
  16. Ok I'll set up some access chests soon. My res is 10117@SMP5. Just pay me when you pick it up.
  17. ok will do shaving. and nether world you have that wheat?