[BUYING] LOTS of Sandstone!

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  1. CLOSED.
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  2. i do believe i have some sandstone that i'm probably never going to use, i am not sure how much i have though.
    when do you want to pick it up, or have me drop it off? and all that other important stuff? :p
  3. I'll pick it up. Just let me know the res number, how many sandstones are we talking about here?
  4. i have 22 stacks of chiseled sandstone, and 37 stacks of smooth sandstone, or are you only looking for normal sandstone?
  5. Looking for both smooth and normal sandstone. Where abouts are you?
  6. Utopia, my first res :)
  7. Thanks for selling :)

    2/20 DCs bought peoples
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  8. Do you need smooth sandstone? :)
  9. Yes i do! How many do you have? Same price though (140r/stack)
    You can always set up an access chest for me at your res, i can pay on pickup.

    Night bump.
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  10. If I sell you 3 DC's, I'll get a higher price, right?

    And also, what is your project?
  11. I set up a DC with your access sign at 8122 on smp4.
    Your Double chest is against the far Left Wall (South/East corner of 8122), so jump over shop wall to get to it.
    Please pay when you pickup, thanks.
  12. My shop on smp1 403 sells sandstone.
  13. Yup, i will pay 5-10r more per stack for 3DCs.

    My project is some residence project on smp 3 :) Havent really thought of the full plan yet but i know sandstone will be one of my primary building material.

    Thanks! Will pay you as soon as i get it :)

    EDIT: Collected and paid!

    I'll check it out. How many sandstones do you have in stock? I hope the sell sign is in bulk because i'm not clicking 3456 times ;)

    EDIT: Bought all the sandstone. Thanks for selling!
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  14. Only need about 8 more DCs peoples
  15. Okay, come to 2350!
  16. Are those 3 DCs meant for me? Because i only have access for 2 of them.

    Anyway, i have collected 2 DCs and paid you for them both. Thanks!

    Only need about 4 DCs now peoples
  17. All 3 was actually meant for you.. I'm going to fix it right away ;)

    Edit: Fixed! Just come pick it up! :D
  18. FrozenForger - my shop on smp1 403 has been restocked with 1 DC of sandstone. Please drop by if you are still interested. Thanks.
  19. You can buy about half a DC of one from my third res smp2 I think if its still there