[Buying] lots of sandstone, netherbrick and gold blocks!

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm going to build something really huge, but i need a lot of sandstone and netherbrick to do that. Please sell all you netherbrick, sandstone and gold to 9000. There are special shop signs at the entrance.

    Sandstone: 64 for 64r (i have enough but you can still sell)
    Netherbrick: 64 for 74r
    Gold block: dont need it anymore

    Please tell me if the chests are full or if the prices are too low etc.
  2. I have all the gold now, but you can still sell sandstone and netherbrick!
  3. Way too low dude :p
  4. Nope, it isn't, it is high accually...
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  5. What prices do you think are too high, and what do you suggest?
  6. Sandstone is good, or even cheap, but the Nether Brick is high. It is like a 60r a stack.
  7. Im going to keep it this way then.
  8. I now have enough sandstone, but you can still sell it to me at the entrance of 9000 (smp4). But in REALLY need a lot of netherbrick! Please sell it now!
  9. How many nether bricks do you need I might be your guy?
  10. Just sell untill the chest is full, there is room for 50 stacks (i think) left.
  11. If you want it that bad you can get it from me I will have a chest set up at 7105 with about 20 stacks in it..
  12. I cant get on a computer now, i will buy it when i come online!
  13. I bought all the netherbrick out your chest, thanks!!
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  14. Do you still need more nether bricks?
  15. Yes, you can still sell them at 9000 on smp4