Buying lots of items!

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  1. Hey everyone! do you have any of the following? Coal, Blue dye, Sulphur, ender pearls, mooshroom eggs, sand, note block, tnt, lava buckets, or iron? if so please comment to let me know because im in need of this stuff!
  2. why tnt and i has a good bit of lapis in my mind and coal
  3. how much lapis and coal ya got?
  4. I should have coal, sulphur, blue dye, mooshroom eggs, sand and iron on smp8 - number 16027. I might have ome note blocks also.
  5. I have tons of Ender Pearls how many do you want?
  6. nice, ill check it out
    ill buy 9stacks for 700r?
  7. let me check

    edit: 22 stacks of coal
    5 stacks of lapis
  8. ill buy 22 stacks of coal for 900r? and 5 stacks of lapiz for 200r?
  9. the coal for 1000 took me awile to get it, and the lapis price is fine
  10. OK great! come to me on 12943 with all of it, smp6
  11. k give me like 30 minutes
  12. how much for 33 sulphur
  13. alright, ill be on, dw

    Edit: 33 sulphur, 200r?
  14. and 28 mushroom
  15. oh 40 sulphur my bad 250 good for tht?
  16. 28 mooshroom eggs. 150r?

    Edit: yep 40 sulphur for 250r goodw
  17. yep tht all sounds good so total will be 1600
  18. yep sure! meet me at 12943 on smp6 when ya ready
  19. do u still need ender pearls?
  20. Ok you do know that there is 16 in a stack of ender pearls?