Buying Lots Of Gold

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  1. Hey guys as the title says, im buying lots of gold. This is gold blocks, gold ingots and gold nuggets. if you have any of this please contact me in a pm or you can say if you have some in this thread, and then we can decide prices.
  2. smp3 has a public gold farm, pm me if you want to know the location :D
  3. thanks for that ark, but i know where it is and im actually there right now, but thanks anywauys
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  4. Im making a private gold generator on smp5. I will sell you some later :)
  5. yep im still buying gold :D
  6. When I finish my gold farm, I could sell you access.
  7. Still need it :D
  8. Harrold can you put the price of ingot, block and nugget please so i know if i want to sell
  9. its around 8r per ingot, so we can speak if your interested in selling some