Buying lots of glass

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  1. So I need about 8000 glass for the thing I'm doing. I can offer rupies or something else. Thanks.
  2. I have glass for you for free. Couple of hundreds. All you need is a silk touch pick and I'll show you where to get it. Let me know if interested.
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  3. Sure. I don't know what that is but we can try.
  4. i can get you all the glass you need i have the 800 on hand now. 21k can get you three dcs thats about 10k glass
  5. Don't know if you got the glass you needed but if you come to /v 911 (SMP1) or /v 19500 (SMP9) you can buy whatever you need. I have about 6 DCs in stock + 1.5 DCs to spare, and it's quite a bit cheaper than other megamalls like 2000, 7500, or 19000.