[BUYING] - Lots of Glass, SMP5, /v 10536

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  1. Yepp, as the title suggests, I'm buying glass at my residence on SMP5. Either use /v ShadyShannon3 or /v 10536 to get there. I'm buying a stack of glass for 89-90, and I have 8 DC waiting to be filled! Get to it, and thank you all! (Couldn't get the photo I wanted on it . . . sorry!)

    Gimme Your Glass.JPG
  2. I can sell you a DC for 6k? (later on tomorrow).
  3. According to math, at 1 stack = 80r, a double chest should cost 4320. I'm not really crazy about paying much more than that per double chest, but I would go as high as 4500. Sorry.

    *EDIT: Is 80r per stack of glass to cheap for people to sell for?