[buying] lots of books or pickaxes

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  1. hello all, just looking around to see if anyone has a good amount of either unbreaking3/high eff/silk touch books or combined pickaxes that have those enchants on them. if so post here or pm me to let me know your price per book/pickaxe. btw this is for a project that im working on and gets old having only pickaxe and failing at getting good enchants XD
  2. I have an Enchanted Book Shop on SMP 8. I only sell all the top tier enchants. Off the top of my head I don't know the prices and I don't do bulk supply. Pop over and see what I have! I also sell all the Diamond tools and weapons. I sell them all separately so you would have to use your own levels to add them to your tool/weapon of choice! Hope this helps! :)
  3. thanks! just bought multiple books of different kinds XD
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  4. Thank You and you're welcome! :)
  5. I have spare silk touch pickaxes and I prefer to have the cobble over the stone. You can trade me a non-silk pickaxe that's equivalent and whatever you think is a fair number of rupees.
  6. I can trade Silk Eff3 and Unb3 Picks. Ill charge 800r a pickaxe without a limit to purchase amount.
  7. Buy some at /v 17000 on smp8 or at 2000 on smp1 :p
  8. I have 18 silktouch books I could sell you, name a reasonable price and they're yours :)