[buying] lots o' materials

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  1. My 2 month hiatus is over and looking to build a lot now!


    10x DCs of stone ( 5 dcs stone brick if you have it )
    1x DCs of Nether Brick ( blocks)
    1x DC of Emerald Blocks
    2x DC of obsidian
    1x DC of redstone blocks
    16x Beacons
    1x DC of quartz blocks

    Please let me know the price of what you are selling at when you make your offer. :)

  2. I can do this, but give me some time :) I recently sold all my beacons to get an iron voucher. Also will do 15k each!
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  3. I can do beacons but it seems ted already has them taken care of :p (I currently have 9 if you want to buy them now) ^^^

    I can do a DC of obsidian as well. PM me with your offers :)
  4. I can easily cover the DCs of stone.. pretty sure I already have that much already.
  5. That will shorten my load to :p I'm fine with you selling 9 :D
  6. I have the 16 beacons for you on 9000.

    If the price is to high for you PM me.
  7. lol i tried :p He wont take my prices
  8. Do you only buy in full DC's or can we sell things to you in smaller amounts? :p
  9. Depends, I don't want to buy easy things like stone/netherbrick by the stack but emerald&redstone blocks by the stack is okay. :)
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  10. Bringing the last of the stone now. Should be there in a few mins.
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  11. How long will you give me to get a DC of emeralds? And what price would you be looking at?
  12. Let me know if you still need the stone. I can even do the bricks for you
  13. 30r per emerald? And it depends, I just need emeralds for details at the end of the build so maybe 3-4 weeks
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  14. Updated list.
  15. Can you cross off the netherbrick... I will start working on it.

    I just dont want anyone else to take it.
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  16. I gotchu again! netherbrick at 15000 on smp7 for 90r per stack, over a DC in stock so go ahead and buy it :D

    if 90r is to pricy we can discuss lowering but I belive that is a fair price for netherbrick :)
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  17. Also selling some obsidian there along with nether brick. It's not a DC but it's still a nice amount :) take a look