[BUYING] looting sword any kind, or xp farm

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  1. Hello emc! i am looking for a lotting sword (any kind)
    ~can be any damage but damage will lower price
    ~willing to pay 1000+ for a lotting 3 diamond
    ~I will also buy a xp farm (name ur price)
  2. I don't think anyone will have a lotting sword, because it is so rare! :D

    A lotting 3 diamond is the best diamond ever, but, I only know one person who has it, and is probably never going to give it up!

    Well, if it's any kind of damage, as in Sharpness or Smite, wouldn't you rise your price to maybe meet the standards of the price someone gives your for the lotting sword? :D

  3. what about a xp farm
  4. If only you had asked a few weeks or so back, I had this;
  5. Yuck, i wouldnt want an error -_- Lol:p
  6. I had a looting 3 sword....
  7. I don't know what you're talking about...
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  8. I think I got a few Looting III's.The only I can remember now is a Sharpness IV Looting III,3k for it? :p
  9. I have a looting 3 sword, but i'm keeping it :/
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  10. Please visit 12162 @ smp6,
    send me your order as PM (Conversation)

    I can make a xp farm for 20k
    (single spawner, one-hit kill, turn-key, all inclusive price)
  11. if u can get me looting 3 ma4niac i will pay 1700
  12. What is an xp farm?
  13. What is an xp farm?
  14. a) You don't have to ask twice.
    b) It's where mobs get to a collection point with 1/2 heart left, so you can farm their xp and drops.
  15. But there are not mobs in town. It is a mob spawn ?
  16. No. They're built in the wild. :)
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  17. I have currently a 20% health and two unused looting 3 diamond swords. Not that rare.
  18. hash i will buy it :D:D::D
  19. How can I build a mob spawn ?