[BUYING] Looting III swords

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  1. Hey guys, i'm just buying a Looting III diamonds swords. Post here if you can sell me one and tell me the price. I prefer Looting III but I will also buy Looting II.
  2. I am willing to pay a lot of money for these
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  3. I have a looting 3 book, I can get it into a sword later this afternoon. How much are you paying?
  4. Is 2.5k good? If not make me an offer
  5. Damn, I confused it with fortune 3.... Sorry for the mistake.
  6. Does it has to be just a looting III sword?
    I have a sharp IV knock back II looting III and fire aspect II.
    If you want to buy it.
  7. Yeah I got a few looting 3 s. Pm me
  8. Is 3k good with you?
  9. I started a conversation with you
  10. hmm its kinda sold for 7k yesterday sorry
  11. I am still buying these! I will also take Looting 3 books!
  12. I don't even think there are looting III books. Nobody I know has found one.
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  13. Lol i didnt know.
  14. I'm willing to sell as many Looting III diamond swords to you as you like for 3000r
  15. I have Looting III books in my store, 534 SMP 1.
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