[Buying] Looting 3 Diamond Sword

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking to buy a couple looting 3 diamond swords.
    Will spend 5k per sword.

  2. I will try to enchant and getcha one lz. :)
  3. Awesome, thanks :) Let me know.
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  4. :) I will. :p
  5. i just got a unused diamond looting III sword tell me if you still want it
  6. I wants it

  7. The precious is mine
    ( lord of the rings reference)
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  8. Yes I will buy it. I am looking for several of these :)
    I am stuck at work for another 3 hours ish.
    I will check to see if you are online when I get home. If you hold it for me, consider it sold :)
    Thank you
  9. ok ill try to get one or two more if i can