[Buying] Looking for a good piece of land close to spawn, SMP2

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  1. Looking for a good piece of land close to spawn, SMP2. Will consider trade for dragon egg.

    I use to have one next to spawn but it got removed as my membership expired
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  2. I got a great little base not too far on smp4 if you like I can take has 2 homes a whole island that's huge and a great hunting/sand takeing place
  3. I thought even if your supportership expired you could stay with the residences you obtained. o.o
  4. Sorry I mean in town
  5. Yah that's what I thought as well, unless it was stolen? I was a little shocked to see it gone, but I hadn't logged in for a while
  6. I recommend keeping the dragon egg for it has more value that a piece of land in the wild that could possibly get griefed.

    [EDIT] completely disregard what I have said :p
  7. no unfortunately, if ur supportership stops u are only entitled to ur 1st lot that u obtained. and if u dont want to lose that to make sure u log in at least 1 time every 10 days.
  8. You may be slightly too late to take advantage of this, but before you do anything check this out: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/dragon-eggs-last-call.25320/
  9. How does 3555 sound? #SWAG?

    Im will to trade 3555 for $$$ or the dragon egg :D