[BUYING] Logs or Planks

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by VITIRI, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. Hello people of EMC!

    2013-12-26_20.30.29.png I'm in the market for a whole load of wood. I'm working on a new storage room and I need a TON of wood for all the chests. (Image Above) 384 planks or 1 1/2 stacks of logs per room. (32 Rooms) So that adds up to around 48 stacks of logs. I'm not quite sure how much wood is selling for right now, we could talk prices.

  2. What kind of wood do you need?
    I have more than enough spruce logs for you.
    Edit: if it's just chests, spruce should work
  3. Any wood. it's all going to be made into chests anyway.
  4. I can supply all 48 stacks, how much were you looking to pay?
  5. What is wood selling for right now? I don't want to give a price too low or too high.
  6. I think it's about 7k a DC (looking at Demon and Kell's service)
    So how about 6.3k for 48 stacks?
  7. I'll do 6k for 48 stacks
  8. I'll do 6,300r if that's good for you?
  9. I'll set up an access chest at 16139 right now on smp8
    Unless you want it delivered, I can do that
  10. I"ll pick it up, it'll be easier for you