[Buying] Location of a spider spawner

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  1. I'm in need of string and therefore would like a spider spawner.
    will be willing to pay 5 diamonds and 32 iron as well as giving you the location of a zombie spawner.
    if you know of one please private message me. if the price is to low i might be open to paying some more.

    dannydan :)
  2. Your title says spider spawner lol...
  3. It won't let me change the heading. lol
  4. I've got one... I'll PM you!
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  5. I just change the info box to spider aswell
  6. But I only know where a skeleton one is though... Oooooooooooooooh Noooooooooooooooooo! :p
  7. I'm coming online now to SMP4... Talk there?
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  8. I'll still buy that of you and just have a spider one aswell i supose hehe
  9. I hope you didn't end up giving Stads the Diamond instead of Rupees....
  10. I happen to know the location of 7 cave spider spawners withing a 100 block area of each other. there is 4 wyas to make them 2x's. None are close enough to produce a 3x. I have not convereted any yet.
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  11. Wow that's amazing! Let me guess you found them in an abandoned Mine-Shaft?
  12. He gave me some VERY useful items!