Buying loads of snow blocks!

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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for snow blocks for my new enchantment store - if you sell them (and you're sure) please *****PM ME***** your res number and how much you have. Thank you :)
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  2. you're cutting off my snow block supply!
  3. Hm?
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  5. How many stacks do you need?
  6. As many as possible but roughly 30
  7. Comin Right uP!
  8. In about 10-20 min
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  9. 30 stacks isn't really a lot for snow blocks IMO. A good spot in a snow biome and you could have that in like 15 minutes
  10. Mine D:< lol jk
  11. I got about a double chest from my snow gen yesterday, so it's only 30 stacks now. It also takes a lot longer than 15 minutes
  12. Turns out I need more! Haha

    Sell it for 32/100r at /v 4005, you can't miss the chest :D
  13. ....... I sold a stack for 100r D: .... oh well I better start digging
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  14. The chest is full, thank you! :)
  15. If you need anymore i'll be sure to go out to my wild base and grind my snow golem's excretions.
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  16. I am working to contribute on a sig with indeed with mu Chilly Auctions Inc. I's definitely going to have snow blocks in there, so look out for my auctions tomorrow or the next day