[BUYING] Library Supplies

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  1. Between myself, Hash98, gwormn, and RReaper501 (occasionally:rolleyes:) we plan on building the BIGGEST library on EMC. For this we need supplies. As we build I'll post the items or blocks we ned the most. If you have stuff you want to sell please leave a comment in the forum below.
    Right now we need:
    Books that you have written (If you have these, please contact me via PM)
    Oak Logs

    This is not the official discussion thread for the Library but just a thread we need to get supplies.
    All transactions will take place at residence 921 on SMP1. This is my residence and the build sight for the library.
  2. The OP has been updated.
  3. Well... I could get you tons of sandstone. pm me if your interested, there might be a price.
  4. How much and of what type?
  5. I had a library. Some sad griefer took my bookcases. Then sad enough to take my melon plants. (Part of my fault for giving build on my res but he paid 500r before so I can work from that)
  6. We are working on a way to let people use the library ebven when we aren't there. Do you have supplies for donations/selling?
  7. I have regular sandstone, and tons of sand.
  8. Do you wanna do a deal on SMP1 right now?
  9. Sure. Ill vault it over from smp2.
  10. We need a lot of oak logs,bookshelves,and of course written books.
  11. hey i write AMAZING horror stories and i could supply you with some of them :)